Top 5 Travel Must Haves

April 23, 2018 in Lifestyle, Travel

As you know we like to travel as much as possible and take our kids as many places as we can.  There are a few things we never travel without.  So we thought we would share with you our top 5 travel must haves when going on a plane or on a road trip.

  1. A water filter water bottle– Sometimes filtered water isn’t easily accessible, or maybe you just don’t want to pay $5 for a bottle of water in your hotel room.  A filtered water bottle allows you to always have filtered water on the go.
  2. A self stirring coffee mug– We are definitely Bulletproof coffee drinkers.  You know the kind with the MCT oil and or grassfed butter in it and a little stevia.  Well when we are at home, we usually blend our coffee with a Vitamix or a hand held milk frother.  But on the go we like this little self-stirring mug.  It’s battery operated and whips up our coffee nicely.  Plus it’s easy to take to our nearest Starbucks and get our Bulletproof fix (P.S. Starbucks carries KerryGold butter).
  3. A phone powerpack–  We all know that there are car chargers and wall chargers, but what happens if you aren’t renting a car, or if there are no nearby wall outlets at the airport (which we recently experienced).  It’s always good to have a battery charger on the go.
  4. A selfie-stick tripod –  Everyone needs to bring this with them if they want to get great pictures in front of landmarks.  You can either take a selfie with it, or you can set it up as a tripod to take awesome pics with your phone.  As entrepreneurs Facebook live is all the rage.  This tripod helps us make live video easy while on the go.
  5. A display cable for your laptop– How many times have you wanted to Netflix binge in your hotel room?  I know I have, but haven’t had access except for on my laptop.  This HDMI cable will allow you to connect your laptop to the TV.  This is especially helpful when you are out of the country and the TV is not in your language of choice.
  • Bonus- Always take a laundry bag with you.  Whether it’s a pretty one or extra plastic bags.  It’s never a good idea to mix your clean and your dirty clothes.

We’ve put together a kit of travel faves for you, and a few extra’s for road trips.  We will be adding to it as we go.  Click here for access.


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