4 Tips to Stay Organized as a Busy Family

February 14, 2018 in Family, Lifestyle

Let’s face it this is not the 1950’s anymore. As much as we fanaticize about Leave it to Beaver families still existing, the reality is that they are few and far between. I mean I still have my leave it to Beaver qualities (I make bread from scratch, and bake cookies here and there), but the reality is that we are all super busy. Many moms work outside of the home now, or we exhaust our kids with extracurricular activities, and we still cook, clean, and help with homework.

All of this doesn’t mean we can’t stay organized as a family. It just means that we have to work a little harder at it, and implement strategies to help us along the way. So here are 4 tips that helps us stay organized as a busy family, all while trying to maintain our simple life.

  1. Clean for 15 minutes a day– Keeping the house organized is never an easy task, especially after a long tiring day, but if you give yourself just 15 minutes you can keep the house pretty spiffy. Our cleaning time is right after dinner and the whole family gets involved. We blast music and put a timer on. Usually I’m (mom) in the kitchen doing dishes, wiping down the counter tops, and sweeping the floors, while dad and the kids are wiping down the bathroom, and straightening up the bedrooms, and living room. Once the timer is done it’s over, finished or not. Most of the time we get done, but sometimes we don’t, and that’s okay because we can just pick up where we left off the next day.
  2. Menu PlanningMenu planning is a great tool to stay organized. Believe it or not I plan my menu for a whole month. I Basically use a 3-month rotation template, so that we get a variety of foods. I keep the menu simple, and sometimes use the same ingredients more than once a week, and put a new spin on them so that I can keep food prep time down. I also make the recipes fairly easy to do, so that hubby can help when I’m on an appointment #teamwork. On Mondays I make time on my calendar to I go through my menu, make necessary adjustments based on our “actual” schedule, and then make a quick grocery list. Then I do a quick grocery run, which I have down to 20 minutes. You can do this if you try to get everything you need from one store, but once in a while I go to another store to get what I need from there for the month. Speaking of calendar, let’s talk a little more about my calendar.
  3. Calendar Planning is tip #3– I use Google Calendar. Every person in our household has a different color, anything we do as a family has it’s own color, I use red for couple time, and green for anything income producing, as well as yellow for anything spiritual. I also factor in things like my morning routine and commute to make sure I can really get a sense of free time. The things that I don’t like to do go in my calendar with a happy and positive colors to help motivate me to do them. I also set reminders, usually 10 minutes before an event so that I don’t forget about them. My Google calendar is my daily activities, but I also have a separate calendar for goal setting, and yet another one for content planning and check in’s with my accountability partner/ wing woman. Speaking of accountability partner, if you need to get your self-love on check out her page.
  4. Siri is our best friend (or should I say David’s best friend, he used to use British Siri)- We constantly set reminders to call clients, or anytime we think of something we need to do, we make sure our phone reminds us on time. We also try to do things right away as soon as the timer goes off, and if that doesn’t happen we snooze for the appropriate amount of time until we can get to it. We also use Siri for time blocking and setting timers for a certain amount of time to do a task. Usually in 20-40 minute blocks and then we take a break. If you don’t have an iphone, well then I’m not really sure, but I know other phones have similar programs.

We have a lot going on in our lives being business owners and parents of twins, but we definitely are able to make time for our family, using these little tips and tricks.


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