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Hi I’m Monica. A wanna be country girl, caught up in city living. I love helping people obtain the dream of home ownership, make smart financial decisions, and create pretty spaces.
15 years ago I took a leap of faith and stop working the corporate 9-5 to dive right into the Real Estate business. I must say I did very well for myself. I owned several houses one with a pool in the back and 3 cars in my garage. I was living the life that any 20 something year old would dream of. Then came the Real Estate crash of 2007-2008.
Thankfully, I was smart enough to sell everything before it affected me too much financially.  I was able to land a full time retial management job and things were okay.  Except, the universe had other plans for me. That year my husband of 5 months and I found out we were expecting, not one but two babies. Wow! Being a twin mom was a whole other ball game. Holding a full time job, and paying for daycare for 2 babies didn’t make sense for us. So instead, we packed up our Los Angeles home and headed to Kentucky so that I could be a stay at home mama.
While in Kentucky, the entreprenuer in my heart couldn’t stay insdie anymore.   So I started a business re-doing furniture and selling it on Etsy.  Little did I know that would blow up and I would be shipping furniture all over the country.   My blog  got the attention of Apartment Therapy and others, and I even at some point got a call to audition for HGTV. I have always love decor and remodeling projects and have helped many clients achieve amazing results while sticking to a budget. After 2 years in Kentucky, family circumstances brought us back to Los Angeles.
Coming back to California was not an easy process, and along the way my husband lost his job (2011 was not a good year to find work).  Next thing you know we were $30,000 in debt. So I started hustling again with the furniture, doing interior design work, and again selling some Real Estate stuff.  This was also right around that time that I realized that I had been hustling for nothing, that my husband and I had been putting money on a pedestal and it wasn’t the life we wanted for our family. We wanted simplicity, we wanted to have a roof over our head, paid off cars, and no credit card debt. Keeping our family and God at the forefront is really what mattered to us. So we begin our journey to pay off all of our credit card and vehicle debt, and thankfully in 2017 we were able to achieve the goal of being 100% debt free. We decided that although money is necessary, it should be used properly, and should not be the most important thing in our life.
This is when I started That Simple Life. Helping people live their simpliest life possible. I believe in living simply, yet while still having the American Dream of home ownership without trying to keep up with the Joneses. Basically working smarter with your money, not harder, which led us to our current home in San Antonio, TX.  I’ve moved across country 4 times so I am an expert in relocation.  If you are in the Los Angeles or San Antonio area I can help you with Real Estate and Mortgage Loans personally, but if you aren’t I have a vast amount of Referral Partners that I love and trust.  I can also help you make your home look super pretty on a budget.
I want to be a successful wife, mother, and entrepreneur, but I also want to enjoy my life. I believe all families should live simply by ditching the junk, getting out of debt, and decluttering all aspects of their lives in order to put family and God first. I can’t wait to help you achieve that simple life!



About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Monica. I love helping people obtain the dream of home ownership, while living a simple life. I am a Real Estate & Mortgage Broker and a Relocation guru. I also love pretty spaces. Read More


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What My Clients Have To Say

“Working With Monica Has Been Amazing! She is Eager To Help, Resourceful And Extremely Knowledgeable. Thanks To Her I Was Able To Refinance My Home And Pay All My Debt In Less Than A Month . Now I Am Living Stress Free And Have So Many New Financial Opportunities! I Highly Recommend  Her To You If You Are In Need Of Any Financial Assistance.”

Esmeralda, California

“My husband and I worked with Monica for 4 weeks .We learned SO much from someone who actually cared about us, our budget/financial security, and our wellbeing.  She answered all of our questions, help us set goals, and really opened our eyes to what’s important for us to focus on! I can’t say enough about how amazing Monica is and how excited we are to work with her again in the future!

Kelsey, Florida


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