Interior styling

March 15, 2019 in Featured, Interior Styling
House flipping

Interior styling

March 15, 2019 in Featured, Interior Styling

Wanna get the most bang for you buck on the sale of your home? Staging is the way to go. People have a really hard time visualize a vacant home or can’t see past clutter. Being a Real Estate Professional for the past 16 year I’ve seen this first hand. I can help you get your home ready to sell in a flash!

“But I’m not looking to move”, you say. That’s ok. Do you want your house to be styled better for your family? Maybe Declutter a bit? I can help you love the style of you home even more, and even learn to evalute, minimize, and strategically add on to old stuff. I offer personal consulatations as well as a course that specifically covers that subject! Course is free when you book a consultation (a $30 value).

Are you thinking of flipping a home? I love flipping! But have you ever walked into a flip and wished they hadn’t chosen the finishes that they did? I did, I actually bought one. (Only because I loved the layout). I’ll tell you though, it was a pain to undo someone elses funky taste. I want to help you flip a home with finishes that home buyers will be looking for. On trend, but classic. If you are a seasoned flipper, lets get this done right while staying within your budget! And if you are a new flipper, I can help you with finishes as well as financials.

Initial Consultation $75
Hourly rate $45

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“Working With Monica Has Been Amazing! She is Eager To Help, Resourceful And Extremely Knowledgeable. Thanks To Her I Was Able To Refinance My Home And Pay All My Debt In Less Than A Month . Now I Am Living Stress Free And Have So Many New Financial Opportunities! I Highly Recommend  Her To You If You Are In Need Of Any Financial Assistance.”

Esmeralda, California

“My husband and I worked with Monica for 4 weeks .We learned SO much from someone who actually cared about us, our budget/financial security, and our wellbeing.  She answered all of our questions, help us set goals, and really opened our eyes to what’s important for us to focus on! I can’t say enough about how amazing Monica is and how excited we are to work with her again in the future!

Kelsey, Florida


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