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August 15, 2019 in Travel

We like to travel, ok…we LOVE to travel! I can’t go 3 months without thinking about where our next trip will be. Just yesterday we got back from from Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky, and then we made a pit stop at Disney World in Orlando. Now that the kids are going to be Homeschooling experiences are going to part of the curriculum. You may be thinking, if you live a simple life, how in the heck can you afford to go on a trip every 3 months? So I thought I’d write a quick post explaining how we do it.

  1. Fly budget airlines– Our budget airline of choice is Frontier. We like Frontier because they always run promotions such as Kids Fly Free. This means we only need to buy 2 tickets instead of 4. Their prices are low to begin with so many time I can get our whole family to a destination for a couple hundred dollars. Our trip to Florida was only $96 each way for our whole family. Now there are downsides to flying budget. Sometimes, you will experience unexpected delays and you have to pay for extras like seat assignments and bags. This is how we get around it. First off we let the airlines choose seats for us. Usually we end up seating together, however sometimes it’s all the way in the back of the plane, but it really doesn’t bother us. As far as luggage is concerned, that is where that simple life comes into play. We pack very lightly making sure that all our clothes matches so that we can make multiple outfits. For a while we used regular backpacks that fit under the seats, but now we have upgraded to under seats bags which are 100 times better. If you’d like to find out how I pack to avoid baggage fees, click here. Frontier is not the only budget airline out there, there are many more, such as Alligent (which offers Military benefits) and Spirit.
  2. Stay with friends– This solution is not for everyone, but we love hanging out with our friends and family. After all, most of the excitement of our trip is to see our friends. So if it is possible to stay with friends then it helps makes more trips possible and it’s a lot of fun for everyone. We love having guest too.
  3. AirBNB– If you can’t stay with friends then renting out from a private party is a great option. Sometimes you find amazing homes at affordable prices. The nice part is that most of them have kitchens, so you can save money by preparing your food at home.
  4. Hotel Memberships– If staying in someone elses home creeps you out then maybe you are better suited for a hotel. Personally we love the Hyatt Place brand because it is affordable and consistent. I’ve never stayed in a room that didn’t look basically the same. If you have a larger family, there are double beds plus a nice pull out sofa and if you are a member breakfast is FREE (and not cheesy).
  5. Skip the fancy restaurants– We usually limit the amount of sit down restaurants we visit and stick to simple local or fast food restaurants. This really helps us save on the budget. Better yet, hit up a local grocery store or farmers market to buy snacks.
  6. Take a road trip– A lot of times we decide to take off for the weekend locally and enjoy a great weekend road trip to a place we haven’t visited before. We’ve also taken long road trips and hit a few destinations along the way. When flying is not an option, a great road trip is very money saving.
  7. Use a travel rewards credit card– I love using my credit card points. Many cards offer travel rewards and many times you can get free or discounted hotels, flights, and rental cars. I use the Capital One Venture card because it has purchase eraser for many of my travel purchases. So a lot of times I get hotels, flights, or Uber rides for free. Just be sure to pay off your card right away because interest is never fun.

If you want to see some of my favorite travel essentials, check out my kit here.

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