Fixer upper consultation

Fixer upper consultation

I became a fixer upper consultant, long before I actually thought I was. Working as a Real Estate broker for many years automatically I would take my clients on tours of houses and give them inexpensive fixes that they could do to the house to give them vision of what it could actually be. When I started flipping homes myself I knew that I had a knack for Interior Design, especially when I mixed what was classic but yet on trend into the house.

I soon realized that not everyone had a vision or could see beyond the outdated finishes. Not everyone knew that re-using the same cabinets and updating them was a thing or that paint is the most inexpensive upgrade you can make that actually works. Now don’t get me wrong, I can do dream kitchen too, but when you are buying your first home the budget isn’t always there for that. So really my niche is making things look gorgeous for a little money.

So how can I help you? I can join you on your house tours either in person or virtually and give you some awesome ideas on how you can make your house a home before you buy it. I can even serve as your project manager once you have your keys to make your first fixer upper everything that you dreamed it would be. I love working with Real Estate Agents too! The likelihood of you selling a fixer upper, especially to a first time buyer is much higher if they can visualize how awesome it is going to look once they do some updating.

Are you thinking of flipping a home? I love flipping! But have you ever walked into a flip and wished they hadn’t chosen the finishes that they did? I did, I actually bought one. (Only because I loved the layout). I’ll tell you though, it was a pain to undo someone else’s funky taste. I want to help you flip a home with finishes that home buyers will be looking for.

Initial Consultation $75
Hourly rate $45


Contact Me:
Monica Brito
San Antonio: 210-816-3773
Los Angeles: 626-437-4177


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Hi, I'm Monica. I love helping people obtain the dream of home ownership, while living a simple life. I am a mortgage loan officer in California & Texas, and I love pretty spaces. Read More


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What My Clients Have To Say

“Working With Monica Has Been Amazing! She is Eager To Help, Resourceful And Extremely Knowledgeable. Thanks To Her I Was Able To Refinance My Home And Pay All My Debt In Less Than A Month . Now I Am Living Stress Free And Have So Many New Financial Opportunities! I Highly Recommend  Her To You If You Are In Need Of Any Financial Assistance.”

Esmeralda, California

“My husband and I worked with Monica for 4 weeks .We learned SO much from someone who actually cared about us, our budget/financial security, and our wellbeing.  She answered all of our questions, help us set goals, and really opened our eyes to what’s important for us to focus on! I can’t say enough about how amazing Monica is and how excited we are to work with her again in the future!

Kelsey, Florida


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