4 Week Dinner Plan for Busy Families

February 20, 2018 in Family, Lifestyle

First of all,  I’m going to have a bragging moment.  How cute is my vintage kitchen?  Literally it’s the whole reason I got this house, even though it looked nothing like this when we started.  Of course I saw the potential and cleaned it up.  I’ll have to post later on how I did that for under $500.

vintage kitchen

But today we are going to talk about staying organized as a busy family, specifically how it has to do with menu planning.  Is that something that you do as a family?  I know that it may seem like a tedious process, but if you sit down for a few hours just one time, you will have a pre-prepared menu plan that you can recycle every 30 days. You know what that means?  It means that you only eat the same thing for dinner once a month.

Let me speak to what I do for grocery shopping.  We have a chalkboard in our kitchen specifically for things we need when we run out of them.  Then we have a permanent list of things we buy weekly that we make copies of.  If you don’t need it that week, just cross it out in advance.  It’s as easy as that.  Then I go through my menu plan and just write down what I need for ingredients.  I try to limit myself to just one grocery store a week, but then once a month I run over to Costco or Sprouts for the once a month run on additional things that the other store may not carry.

All my meals are super easy to make.  I like prep time to be 20-30 minutes max.  Now sometimes things take a little longer if you have to stick them in the oven,  but by then my kitchen is clean and I’m ready for some dinner!  Now the one thing I haven’t touched is the Instapot, which is my next move. These recipes are so easy to make that even my husband helps out.  I try to use simple and  organic ingredients in my cooking. I mean we are living that simple life right?

So I was thinking about how I can help you.  Well I created a very simple, easy to follow, curated dinner plan for 4 week, including links to the recipes to help people simplify their home life a little more.  Not only is it simple, but it’s pretty.  There are 4 weeks, 6 days a week.  Now the reason there are only 6 days is because my family like to enjoy dinner out on Sundays.  If that doesn’t work for you, go ahead and add the Sunday.  As a disclaimer these are not my recipes, but they are recipes that I use in my cooking very often, and they are easy and I love them.  We adjust according to our family’s dietary needs with our son having food allergies and all, so feel free to adjust if needed.  I hope you get a lot of use out of it, and if you want to grab it, just click here.




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