10 Simple Ways To Spend More Time Together As a Family

February 28, 2018 in Family, Lifestyle

We all know it’s hard to spend time with our family between work and other obligations, but it has to become a priority because as the saying goes, “They are only little once”.  Now our family dynamic is more about experiences and not toys, that’s not to say that our kids are running around with a book in their face all day,  we too are a busy family.  I mean don’t get me wrong, my kids do like to read (I don’t want to look that bad!).  Ha!  We like to play games at home as a family and draw, drawing is really important in our family.  We like to bake, and they like to play outdoor games with daddy.  We like going for walks while kids ride their scooter.  So simple things around the house are always fun to do.

But now on to the bigger things.  We’ve come up with 10 Simple Experiences that we shared together as a family last year, and we would like to share them with you.  They are simple, affordable, and they are fun ways to spend time together as a family.

  1.  Go Hikinghiking at eaton canyon We like hiking because usually it is free or at a very minimal cost and we have an awesome experience.  Last time we saw a bear when we went hiking.  Eeeek!!
  2. Visit Zoo’s and Botanical GardensSan Diego ZooWe love Zoo’s and Botanical gardens because we get to hang out with all the animals.  Little D’s favorite animal is the Panda, specifically Xiao Li Wu at the San Diego Zoo.
  3.  Take Advantage of Free City EventsFree City EventsTaking advantage of free city events is a fun way to spend more time together.  Keep an eye on your city calendar for firehouse tours, free park days, farmers markets, etc.
  4. Take a Boat RideSan Pedro Harbor CruiseIf you live anywhere near the water, you should definitely take advantage or harbor cruises.  This particular one was off the San Pedro Harbor in Southern California, and Yes that’s a beer in my hand.  Mommy has to have some fun too right?  This particular cruise was about $20 for adults and $12 for kids and lasted around 45 minutes.  You can also find these on Groupon which is another really good tip.
  5. Rock Out with Your FamilyColdplay ConcertNow this one might be a little more expensive, but it was totally awesome!!  So if you are into music, take your family to a concert.  This was the kids very first concert and they had a blast!!  Totally worth the extra cash.  But if you aren’t into fancy concerts, then take advantage of the free city concerts.  We like to do these too.  We take our our lawn chairs, bring snacks, and dance the night away.  These free concerts also make great play dates with friends.
  6. Volunteer TogetherDog RescueThis is something that little D and I like to do together.  Here we are volunteering at a local dog rescue group.  She has so much fun, playing with the dogs.  Also, she sells her wall hangings on her Etsy shop where a portion of her proceeds are donated to this very dog rescue group.
  7. Sports GamesDodger GameThis is us at the Dodger game last summer.  Which was a fun afternoon.  We also went to a Red’s game, a UCLA game, a Bengals game, and a Clippers game.  Another great Groupon thing to do if you are looking at something spontaneous and last minute to do.
  8. Amusement ParksKnott's Berry FarmWe love amusement parks because you can take advantage of very inexpensive annual passes out there.  We have Knotts Berry Farm which is affordable and includes a water park in the summer.  Yes I know, we have Disney near us, but not as affordable, and with the crowds not as fun (at least for us).  It helps when you don’t feel obligated to go on a monthly or more basis just to get your moneys worth.  This way if we go a few times a year, the pass has paid for itself.
  9. Let Your Kids Dress You For A WeekI let my kids dress me for a weekSo if you follow my facebook personal page, you’ll know that a few months ago I allowed my kids to dress me for a week.  It was so much fun and we enjoyed a ton of quality time together because of it. I also learned so much about them from that week.  I promise, it’s not as bad as you think!
  10. Horseback RidingNow this is another Groupon score, and Horseback riding is a great way to spend time together as a family.  Of course this one for us was an epic fail. Wanna know why?  Because only the girls liked it.  The boys said that they would never do it again.  David swears that the horse hated him, and kept trying to buck him off.  My take on it is that the horse could sense that David didn’t like him.  It was so funny because the lady who was leading us had to grab David’s horse and lead him the rest of the way.  So no more horse back riding for them.  If we do it again we will make it a girls day, and we can also continue to do the little pony rides for the kids.

So I’m sure a lot of these things you have done with your family, but we thought it would be fun to recap our last year on fun things we have done.  What are some fun simple things you like to do as a family? Oh and if you missed our live video all about these 10 things you can watch it again below:


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